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Image: NOAA The COSMIC-1 program ended on May 1, when the last of six tiny satellites were decommissioned. The satellites were launched 14 years ago, and outlived their planned lifespan by 12 years. COSMIC — the Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere  and Climate (COSMIC) mission — uses GPS signals to provide a wealth of accurate atmospheric data and improve weather forecasts, according to Laura Snider, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), which ran the COSMIC program. Meanwhile, the COSMIC-2 program (FORMOSAT-7 in Taiwan) continues. Its six satellites were launched on June 25, 2019, into low-inclination orbits. The mission was launched by NOAA as the agency’s first operational GNSS radio occultation mission. COSMIC-1 demonstrated the value of GNSS radio occultation (GNSS-RO) to derive vertical atmospheric profiles of temperature, humidity and pressure by measuring the degree to which GPS signals bend as they travel through Earth’s atmosphere. Weather centers used the high-quality, accurate data to improve forecasts; the data was also used by researchers. “Throughout its lifetime, COSMIC-1 made an astounding 7 million vertical atmospheric profiles available to the operational forecast centers and research community,” writes Snider. “These data demonstrably boosted forecast accuracy and were referenced in more than 550 peer-reviewed scientific publications. In all, more than 5,000 users from over 100 countries have accessed COSMIC data. COSMIC-1 was primarily funded by the National Space Organization in Taiwan, where the mission is called FORMOSAT-3. The leading U.S. sponsor on the project was the National Science Foundation. Other U.S. partners included NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Air Force and the Office of Naval Research. UCAR also led the GPS/MET GPS radio occultation mission in the mid-1990s.

cell phone gps jammer

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Unifive ul305-0610 ac adapter 6vdc 1a used -(+) 2.5x5.5mm ite po,select and click on a section title to view that jammer flipbook download the pdf section from within the flipbook panel <,apx141ps ac dc adapter 15v dc 1500ma power supply,au35-030-020 ac adapter 3vdc 200ma e144687 used 1x3.2mm round ba,compaq 2844 series auto adapter 18.5vdc 2.2a 30w used 2.5x6.5x15,energizer pl-6378 ac dc adapter5v dc 1a new -(+) 1.7x4x8.1mm 9,sony pcga-ac19v ac adapter 19.5vdc 3.3a notebook power supply,specificationstx frequency.finecom py-398 ac adapter 5v dc 2000ma 1.3 x 3.5 x 9.8mm,kenic kd-629b ac car adapter 12-24v 1.5a used -(+) 1.1x3.5 vehic,nikon coolpix ni-mh battery charger mh-70 1.2vdc 1a x 2 used 100.sceptre pa9500 ac adapter 9vac 500ma used 2.5 x 5.5 x 9.7mm.canon ad-4iii ac adapter 4.5vdc 600ma power supply,dell pa-16 /pa16 ac adapter19v dc 3.16a 60watts desktop power.skynet snp-pa5t ac adapter +48v 1.1a used -(+) shielded wire pow,ps0538 ac adapter 5vdc 3.5a - 3.8a used -(+)- 1.2 x 3.4 x 9.3 mm,.

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