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The new line of Sarbe search and rescue beacons. (Photo: Orolia) Orolia is introducing the Sarbe Evo line at the Singapore Air Show, taking place Feb. 11-16 at the Changi Exhibition Centre. The line is being exhibited at Orolia’s Booth G10. The search-and-rescue (SAR) beacon range has been improved to deliver upgraded operational capabilities, to meet the latest Cospas-Sarsat testability and maintenance requirements. Part of Orolia since 2011, the Sarbe brand is a worldwide market leader for military (tri-forces) Personal Locator Beacons and Emergency Locator Transmitters. Sarbe beacons have been at the forefront of innovation in life saving Locator Beacons and critical communications for over fifty years. Sarbe equipment is often integrated into air crew clothing such as Air Crew Life Preservers, ejection seats and survival packs, and can be optionally equipped with remote antennas and automatic activation. The Sarbe Evo line offers new operational improvements in order to meet revised Cospas-Sarsat requirements in operating lifetime, location accuracy, voice signals management, integrated protocols, testability and maintenance. Orolia’s development of the Sarbe Evo line has focused on the following key elements to improve customer safety: Upgraded battery management with use-monitoring Exceeds Cospas-Sarsat endurance requirements Built-in-test further enhanced More robust and frequent GPS/GNSS position acquisition with GPS, Galileo and GLONASS satellite constellations Audio system improvement for greater clarity under all operating conditions Introduction of the National Location Protocol Rugged and reliability improvement (qualified to MIL-STD-810G standards) to support complex rescue missions in harsh environments For both commercial and military needs in SAR operations, Orolia’s main goal remains the provision of highly accurate location data, and real-time voice and data communication to SAR operators through robust line of sight transmission.

mobile phone jammer Candiac

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